Monday, June 18, 2007

National Association of Homebuilders: Actually, housing market worse than just "shitty"

Man, it sure was a lot easier to lie when the market was going so well.

Apparently, American realtors will have to create some different Zig Ziglar sales terminology and refrain from the famous catch all phrases like "the market is just down" or "it's now a buyer's market" or "it's a decent market to buy and sell in".

Bullshit! The market is tanking and the REIC is complicit in it!

"Come on! Now's the time! Sign now and get in to your dream house at this low price while you still can! You'll never forgive yourself for not jumping on the opportunity. Oh, the adjustable rate mortgage? Look, don't worry. Values are climbing and you can always refinance it after a couple of years to a new low rate!"

And people are still standing around wondering why the NAR and realtors in the United States of America have a credibility problem?

Gee, if only we weren't pathological liars in the first place, our self-declared position as trusted advisors in the real estate industry might remain tenable.

The National Association of Homebuilders just scored the current American housing market with their housing index of 28, which is the worst rating in 16 years. A score of 50 signifies postive market sentiment. 30 means "shitty".

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