Thursday, June 7, 2007

How Do You Read A N.A.R. Forecast?

Have you found that "greater fool"?

The OC Register in southern California reports today that Realtors in the area (California Association of Realtors) are forecasting for 2007 a 14% decline in unit home sales over 2006 actual results.

So if we know that this is a realtor forecast, and we know that for the most part realtors are duplicitous and lie to make income for themselves and cannot be trusted, then what use is such an article to potential homebuyers and real estate consumers?

OK, I'll admit it. That last paragraph was way too cynical and shamelessly rhetorical.

Is anybody else just pissed off about the complete lack of objective real estate data (prices, sales in units, etc.) available to consumers. The entire real estate industrial complex has become a pathetic joke.


Economic Despair said...

The 1.4 percent real estate price increase must be some kind of twisted realtor joke.

Anonymous said...

F""" Great Post!

Anonymous said...

what increase?
prices are tanking.