Thursday, June 28, 2007

429 Housing Units For Sale in Lake Forest, CA

According to ZipRealty as of June 28, 2007 there are now 429 inventory units for sales in Lake Forest, CA (Orange County). Not too shabby when you consider we have a population here of approximately 69,000 people (2005 stat).
223 of these 429 units in Lake Forest are single-family home units.
On May 24th OC Prudent Bears reported that Mission Viejo, California, our affluent neighbors to the south of Lake Forest, was now witnessing home inventory of over 1,000 units.
Now OC Prudent Bears shares with us that Newport Beach, Calfifornia has achieved the same notoriety.
Wow! Now just stand back and watch the numbers grow.


oc_fliptrack said...

Irvine at 1250 now! w00t!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing:

From: "SOCALMLS" (
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 9:00 AM

DOM/CDOM No Longer In Client Reports

With the changing market there has been much discussion, contention and even litigation over Days on Market and Cumulative Days on Market figures. One view is that it hurts sellers, another is that it helps buyers.

The bottom line is that you, the real estate professional are in the best position to explain to your customer - buyer or seller - what the true DOM figure is and what it means.

To that end, the SoCalMLS BOD, after getting input from MLS Committees and other practitioners, have decided to remove the DOM and CDOM fields from all Client reports. You will still have this information available to you in the Agent reports, which also link to the history report for each listing. The history report gives you a much more precise overview of what transpired for a particular listing. With that ammunition you should be prepared to better explain to your client the ramifications of the DOM data.

If you have any questions as to how to access the history please feel free to give us a call...