Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bob Barker and "Buy me. I'm a house."

Desperate homedebtors in Lake Forest are using Craiglist as an avenue of last resort.

"Buy me. I'm a house."

Please, oh please, with sugar on it, buy my burned out then fixed-up condo for half a million dollars!

Look, when a condo has been on the market in Orange County California for over 120 days, it usually means that something's not quite right, and last month we dedicated a little time to investigate just what might be going wrong at 23101 Cherry Avenue, Apt #20 in Lake Forest. It could be many, or all of the reasons described, but my simple take on this condo, and much of Lake Forest real estate for that matter, is this:

The price is wrong.

Time to call Bob Barker and make it all "Right".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's the price stupid.

But the greedy seller is in total greed denial.

So sit with it for years. Buyers with a downpayment have wiseup while the dopey no money down crowd can't borrow the funds.