Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NAR: "Yes, housing market looks, smells and tastes like.."

..shit. Only it's NOT shit! It's, umm, uh.... a chocolate birthday cake!

Yeah, that's it! Who doesn't just love chocolate cake?!!!"

Well, John Burns Real Estate Consulting and Mr. Bernanke at the Fed respectfully disagree with the NAR's assessment.

Mr. Burns

Mr. Bernanke

The NAR numbers don't add up. According to the National Association of Realtors, California home sales declined only slightly in April 2007 by 24%. Or did it really decline 37%? The discrepancies are starting to make the math teachers at the Fed a little angry.

NAR stooges must be asking: "Now where the hell did that 37% number come from?"

Look NAR members, if you aren't royally embarrassed by now, then you should be.

If you're going to fudge the numbers to mislead the public to protect your incomes, at least have the common sense to bribe the other complimentary industries to report numbers that at least jive with yours. Otherwise the lies spiral out of control. Come on! You know the drill. Just like recommending clients to that special "mortgage lender friend" of yours. Right hand washes the left. Grease the skids. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean?

This must really suck. On the one hand Realtors have to try and continue to assert the role of the real estate industry's can't-survive-without-us "trusted advisor". And yes, we've all seen the new commercials. Ughh! I have 4 words for the new REALTOR commercials out there year-to-date:

"Wrong, do it again".

Then on the other hand, you must manufacturer reports and lie through your teeth about actual home sale numbers to prevent a complete deadpan response from prospective buyers and investors.

It's not easy to do either anymore when your organization no longer maintains complete control of the "proprietary housing data", MLS services, and real estate industry statistics. Your counterparts in the homebuilding sector aren't exactly putting forth stats that compliment your findings.

What is a sales commission only-driven organization to do now?

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