Thursday, May 17, 2007

Illegal Immigration: Americans Get It Wrong, Again

Illegal immigration is not in and of itself responsible for the housing collapse we are all witnessing around the Divided States of America, but it is one of the key ingredients to the perfect storm.

What we see today - illegal immigrants crossing the U.S./Mexican border by the thousands - is a byproduct of 15 years of American apathy - the complete and utter failure of American citizens to recognize the importance of border security and strict enforcement of existing immigration laws has resulted in the illegal entry and overstay of over 11 million illegal immigrants.

Today the U.S. Congress has come to some sort of "deal" which would forgive illegal immigrants of their felony, given them a second chance to make things right, and provide them a free and clear path to a work permit, tax ID number and eventual American citizenship.

Many Americans today are outraged by this. Why? Because "this is completely unfair". "We now have to take on all of these illegals!". Some of us Americans are pounding the table blaming the "liberals" or the "conservatives".

I call it complete bullshit.

The new rule around the polarized, Divided States of America should now be this:

You can't label anyone "liberal" or "conservative" unless you include the word "about" followed by a named "issue" (crime, prostitution, gas mileage regulations, illegal immigration, abortion, the patriot act, oil exporation in wildlife reserves, gay marriage, etc.). For the record, Republicans and Democrats are equally at fault for failing to secure the nations border and enforce immigration laws already on the books.

The truth is, my politically sedentary American friends, we have been "taking on" illegal immigrants for over 20 years. Even after 9/11 more illegal immigrants have entered the country than ever before. The governments we have elected into power have done nothing - NOTHING - to impede it. George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., take your pick, all providing incompetent, ineffective leadership on the issue.

Today, May 17th, 2007, as many as 5,000 illegal migrants from Mexico will have crossed the Mexican border illegally into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Only now, that the boat is chock full of 11 million illegals, do the complaints begin? Nice.

Where were you people 3 years ago? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? You said nothing then.

By doing and saying nothing, you made your bed.

Time to lie down and go "nighty night" in it and enjoy the relaxing fruits of your apathy.

Yes, it is unfair. Yes, thousands of legal applicants must continue to wait in long lines in Hong Kong, Berlin, Mexico City, Cuidad Juarez, Ottawa and witness the "cue jumping" of unapologetic, innovative illegals who didn't followed the rules and have the balls to assert that America was theirs all along.

Unfair? Definitely.

But life is not fair. The U.S. Customs and Immigration Service and the Customs & Border Patrol are doing their best, but still failing miserably to protect us and enforce immigration laws. They have been perpetually understaffed for 15 straight years. Millions of valid cases are rejected unfairly every day on minor technicalities. Millions of cases are granted every day unfairly on minor technicalities.

What do Americans want? A perfect system? Yeah, right. Shouldn't you be watching American Idol right now?

The system is not perfect. The idea of rounding up all illegals, stuffing them on planes and deporting entire extended families is unrealistic. I agree it should have been done. But not now. It's far too late. The boat is full and we are too far out at sea to return back to shore.

Illegal residents now must pay a fine, return to their country of origin, and re-enter legally into the United States. They must receive a legal work permit - and hence a taxpayer ID number. They will have to pay income tax like everyone else, or face federal prosecution - like everyone else - and worse, certain deportation.

The solution is not fair, but it's better than the alternative or what we have now.

All of this vitriol about the unfairness and congressional incompetence has caused critics to turn their attention away from the biggest issue of all. It is another example of Americans blinded by anger and failing to critically analyze and understand the problem underlying illegal immigration.

The border is still not secure.

I repeat, the border remains wide-freaking-open.


Right now.

And tomorrow too.

And the next day. And the next day. And the next..

We (our elected government) have decided on amnesty first, and securing the border second, as our national borders leak profusely.

That, more than anything, should outrage American citizens, not whether or not Jose Gonzalez gets publicly caned, fined and deported.

Even the American news media has missed the point and is talking about "amnesty" rather than "border security".

We are blind.

Congress has placed more importance and immediacy on amnesty than the root cause of the problem, which is a leaky frontier with Mexico, Canada and all U.S. major ports.

This must be addressed first and with the greatest concentration of effort, funding, strategic thinking and vigor.

Otherwise, it is not only an unfair "deal", it is 1986 all over again - just another politically expedient bandaid created by our derelict, elected tenants in Washington.


Anonymous said...

Send those criminals back and vote out all politicians without the backbone to vote for our security.

Markus Arelius said...

If elected officials were serious about enforcing Y visas, they'd fine companies $200K for every employee and for every incident. The CBP and USCIS should also enforce a tougher law about overstaying visas (tourist or other) such that if you overstay your visa one time, then you forfeit any future legal path to citizenship. Just like the housing market. When there is no risk to the individual, then anything goes. They'll do all kinds of shit because they know they can get away with it.