Monday, May 7, 2007

Divine Intervention Saves Lake Forest Man from Jaws of Foreclosure

His prayer telephone has been literally ringing of the hook as of late, but Almighty God decided to take a nano second out of his manic day to intervene divinely in the life of Arturo Peña, an Orange County homedebtor.

Mr. Peña has been working 3 jobs trying to make ends meet while at the same time facing foreclosure on his Lake Forest, CA home. His life Olivia probably doesn't recognize him anymore, since he is never home. Instead he works his tail off trying to muster together enough dough to meet the monthly mortgage payment.

But not anymore.

Today Arturo Peña won the California Lottery Big Spin ticket for $1,000,000 from a local Albertson's grocery store in Lake Forest.

God knew that Mr. Peña previously only brought down about $30,000 gross per annum. Thanks to the lightening strike at Albertson's, Arturo and his family can add another $37,000 after taxes to their take home earnings.

Great story, and a nice faith-builder for those around the country who need help - any kind of help to prevent their own foreclosure and bankruptcy.

God was not available for extended comment following Mr. Peña check holding ceremony, but was rumoured to have requested "a word or two" with N.A.R. chief economist, David Lereah.

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