Friday, March 13, 2009

Another South OC School Bites the Dust

Well, this sucks.

Another outstanding Orange County elementary school scheduled to be shut down thanks to California's embarrassing budget crisis. Saddleback Valley School District itself faces a massive $10 million budget shortfall.

Back in January I posted about the end of La Tierra Elementary Elementary in Lake Forest, California. Got a great school? Into the trash can with it!

This month it's O'Neill Elementary in Mission Viejo, California just to the south of Lake Forest. A very good elementary school. And parents are right to be pissed off. 400 O'Neill students will be reassigned to other schools, engorging classroom sizes even further.

Let me remind readers that California's national rank in elementary education is a bona fide national disgrace. I don't know how Schwarzeneggar and Villagairosa sleep at night, but when your state's elementary school system is ranked just above Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico, you should step down from office. I'm being completely serious. You either make it happen yourself, or you step aside and let somebody else come in and make it happen.

Orange County has been historically regarded as a "special case" where the schools are some of the finest in the state. This remains to be the case. But these cuts are devastating and will impact the state and the nation dramatically in years to come.

This is what happens when voting constituents choose to live their lives as if it were a freaking movie.

Everyone wants to live here in OC. And the schools? - Why, they're all so fantastic!

Not anymore.

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