Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 Realtors Say: "Fence-sitters, Your Wait May Be Over!"

Realtors have no shame. They are completely out of touch with reality.

"It's a great time to buy a house!"

Yeah, but not because it's right for me or a good future investment. It's always as great time to buy a home (even as prices fall like a rock) because that's when you get your 6% commission check.

"They said we should wait."

Millions of Americans were convinced to buy a home in order to "get in now while you still can", "there not making any more land", "buy now, you can always refinance". Realtors continued to find greater and greater fools as the Ponzi scheme built itself up higher and higher. They cashed their commission checks and still managed to face themselves in the mirror every morning.

"I want one, Mom!".

Jesus Christ! Trillions of dollars of paper wealth have been destroyed forever in either home values, or 401Ks in just 18 short months. One might think that the National Association of Realtors could propose something a little less along the lines of "childish greed" in their television commercials.

We have enough overgrown children already who have proven incapable of reading their own signed mortgage contracts, thanks very much all the same.

No, the NAR wants you to get off that fence and buy, buy, buy?

Why? For future investment wealth?

No. Because they want their 6%.

The sooner the investigations begin, the better off we will all be.


Anonymous said...

You have spoken the absolute truth.

You have summed up the housing situation concerning real estate agents in a nutshell- they were interested in their 6% commission and nothing else.

Well said, well spoken.

Anonymous said...

These scumbags never quit. However their rep has been destroyed and I think they are the most despised occupation next to politicians right now.
It is fun to watch these realtwhores squirm in desperation. They have hurt so many dolt families to get their commish.

shellaminabelle said...

I agree with most of the things you're saying, but please get your basic grammar right. It's hard to take anyone seriously who is making so many silly mistakes!

Markus Arelius said...

Nobody's perfect. If I've made grammatical errors within this post, please feel free to point them out so that I may correct them. Thnx.