Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who will pick up the Tim Russert baton?

No American journalist in existence today does the same extent of research and preparation for key interviews of representatives in Washington who try to double-talk and double-cross the American taxpayer. No one has the commitment. No one has the tenacity.

Tim Russert had all of that. And now he's gone.

Here is John McCain getting absolutely owned on National Television:

Russert Inteviews Hillary Clinton and makes here look like flip-flopping-for-dollars-and-votes dope:

Russert catching Hillary Clinton flip flopping better than the International House of Pancakes regarding NAFTA:

Russert slamming into Dick Cheney about Iraq:

Unfortunately, we will now never see Tim Russert hammering away at Angelo Mozilo, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama for their assinine support of the mortgage bailout.

Who will pick up Tim Russert's baton going forward?

Who will ask the tough questions?

Who will cut through the lies, expose duplicitousness, and insist that the truth be told?

Unless some or many step up, grow a pair and do their jobs in the American press corps, more muck, deceit, lies and ruin surely await us all.

Mr. Russert, you are already terribly missed. May peace be upon you and your family.

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