Sunday, June 8, 2008

Almost there Orange County! Almost There!

Today a gallon of gasoline in Lake Forest, CA was priced at $4.41!

Man, we are a few nanoliters away from that $5.00 per gallon milestone.

Just remember that once we reach that summit, we'll all have to remember who to thank.

By the way, just who should we thank?


Anonymous said...

We should thank Suzzane!


Anonymous said...

Luckily for me I have a good Orange County Realtor who’s working hard to find me a home that has a fair price. With gas prices skyrocketing faster and faster especially in this part of California, many who have come looking for homes are having second thoughts. I personally still think its worth it just because the homes are so nice.

Markus Arelius said...

Gas prices in Lake Forest today (June 12) are now $4.44 per gallon at the cheapest gas station (76 on El Toro and Trabuco).

I suspect that commuters, some of whom are already cash strapped to pay their mortgages, are getting absolutely hammered with gas expenses. And if they drive a gas-guzzling SUV, then the pain is probably worse.

Glad you've found a good realtor to work with. Hope they deliver for you.

Anonymous said...

We can thank narrow thinking environmentalists who steadfastly refuse to allow oil development in the US (while they use energy from sun up till sun down). Sign the gas prices petition!

The oil has got to come from somewhere doesn't it. So it's being shipped from across the globe from countries that hate us (not a good recipe for fair pricing). This petition supports S.2958 and you can read about it there. If you use energy you might agree it's a good plan.


Markus Arelius said...

I don't share the view that over the last 8 (if not 28 years) that the "environmentalists" have the upper hand in terms of power and influence in Washington. Where would they get the money for such influence? Donations from Harrison Ford aside and some insane Greenpeace Europeans, they just don't have any.

If American and global oil companies failed to sufficiently bribe the Republican Congress and Republican president into openning up drilling rights in the American Wildlife National Reserve, well, shame on them. The pins were all lined up for them and they blew it.
If there were sufficient oil fields in the US, believe me, Washington pockets would be already be lined with cash, D.C. madames would be noting record sales, the companies would already be drilling the fields half dry by now.

Even if there were oil to be found in these pristine areas of America's wild, there's a big difference between buying and transporting barrels of oil in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Venezuela and drilling for it and trasporting from the coldest, most remote and mountainous areas of the country. Just ask the Russians.

I don't believe that there is sufficient oil in US territory anyway. Who's idea is it anyway that we should drop what we're doing and listen to what oil companies have to say?

Oh, I know. SUV drivers.

Look, we Americans deserve this giant shaft as penance for our short-sightedness and "me"-generation stupidity.

Sell the SUV and buy a motorcycle.