Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buying a Home in '08? 3 out of 4 Blog Visitors Say "No".

My blogpoll closed today.

Are you going to buy a home in 2008?

36 respondents isn't exactly a scientific sampling, but basically 9 out of 10 Rancid Truth visitors responded as "no" or "are unsure". Not very encouraging news for sellers.

There has been a pick up in single family sales activity in Lake Forest in April and still greater foreclosure activity here than most other OC communities. Realtors I've visited with keep saying it's a good time to buy. Some at open houses I've visited have gone so far as to call bottom this summer!

I'm heading out again tomorrow to visit some open houses. Should be interesting to observe and record the local realtor schtick once again.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the blogpoll.

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