Sunday, January 27, 2008

Realtors: "We believe that there's a psychological block".

Look, there is no housing crisis, because the National Association of Realtors says so.

Got it?

Don't make us send out the realtor clowns to convince you!

You just have a psychological mental block of some kind. You're just "verstopft". You've just eaten a bad slice of beef. Perhaps a bit of underdone potato.

Housing market crash? Bwahahaha-hell no! Just get out there and buy a house today! Now's a great time to buy and build long-term wealth!?

Come on, who's with us! Let's go!

This article by Ms. Alice Cuneo of get's it right.

Why can't the N.A.R. and it's members just tell it like it is?
I know the 6% is calling, but while they promote the potential of building long-term wealth by "owning" a home, why can't they focus on the long-term as an organization themselves? Do they really believe that the lies can continue with integrity and credibility intact?

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