Monday, January 14, 2008

Fell of the face of the earth?

No. Actually, I didn't.

I'm back again.

I do apologize to faithful readers and new visitors alike of the Rancid Truth blog for the complete lack of posts over the last 4 months. Family-related health issues combined with time-sensitive projects at work over the last four months slammed me from two sides at once. I decided to concentrate on the immediate, more important and pressing tasks and deadlines first. Posting to this blog took a major backseat - like the last backseat on a full-length school bus.

I am now, however, more or less caught up and can again dedicate some of my time to the critical observation of the economic nightmare unfolding before our dry, cracked and weary eyes - the Great American Housing Market Crash and the impending economic recession of 2008.
I intend to post at least once a day, but more if time permits.

So indeed I now walk the face of the earth once again! A little bit like Cain, a little bit like Dr. Evil, a little bit like David Banner, but not at all like Brittany Spears.

Eyes are wide open again.

Obsessed with seeking the truth, no matter how rancid the dank and haunted pits in which it may reside.

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