Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dog Day Afternoons Within Foreclosed Homes

With home foreclosures increasing into the triple digits the last several months nationwide, leave it to CNN to provide the public a sensationalist story about the abandonment of pets in foreclosed homes.

It would appear that many homedebtors are not only financially inept, but they lack a moral compass as well.

It would be silly to conclude that a large number of foreclosing homedebtors are leaving their pets in the home and just turning in the keys. No where in the CNN article is anything mentioned about the number of foreclosed home with cats, dogs, birds or other pets. There have been a number of cases, yes, but it surely a large number of people.

That said, what on earth could have possibly prevented these homedebtors from simply taking their unwanted dogs/cats, etc. down to the local humane society shelter?

People like this simply do not deserve compassion from the taxpaying public nor the bloodsucking politicians in Washington D.C.

Why bail these jerks out? So they can just buy more overpriced homes with risky loans and leave their pets in them afterward to run around in their own fecal matter with no food, nor water.

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