Thursday, April 26, 2007

Underestimating the breadth and depth of the Housing Crash's article about the American "Housing Market Catastrophe-in-the-Making" helps to shine a wider light on multiple economic sectors and businesses that are reporting substantial negative impacts as a result of the housing dive.
Who can now say that no one was really hurt by the housing industry deception, lies and the shameless, incessant pumping by realtors?
The truth is that many industries will be hurt by the housing market crash - and seriously hurt. It is not too difficult to see many American workers (and even illegal immigrant workers) losing their jobs, and then wondering to themselves, after years of growing sales and business growth, how and why could this now happen?
The depth and breadth of the housing crash is likely more profound than anyone first believed.

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Anonymous said...

It's crashing....Run for the exits.

Oh forget that just hand over the keys and walk out. See ya lenders and investors. Bite the losses.