Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mortgage Philanthropists!? Come out, Come out, wherever you are?

So exactly how much will it cost to rescue those financially illiterate cretins who were so-called "bamboozled" and "hoodwinked" into sub-prime mortgage loans by mortgage brokers and realtwhores in order to purchase homes that they could otherwise never afford?

How about $US 120 Billion?

Thank goodness all of our nation's schools are leading the globe with world-class education!

Thank goodness all of our nation's roads have been completed - and let me say, smooth as a baby's bottom!

Thank goodess that Ben Bernanke has brought inflation under control!

And thank goodness that our nation's borders are secure, and that the war on that noun called "terrorism" has been won, because man, I was starting to get worried about the price of gas, which is now at a record $3.36 per gallon in Lake Forest, CA!

Thank goodness for all of that, because now we can drop everything we have been doing in our busy lives in order to experience the pleasure of raising taxes on those who saved their money and went without, in order to bail out nimrods who decided not to read nor fully understand a mortgage contract before they signed it, and who could not bring their consumer greed, arrogance and financial incompetence under control!

I guess, with Mr. Shumer's advocacy, every homedebtor in the country can just declare mental ineptitude and stop paying their mortgage!

I swear, if any such bailout plan passes Congress and is signed by moron Bush, then America has officially lost its way completely.

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