Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Too Little Too Late, Barney

Those without ID are being investigated for immigration violations and deported when warranted.

While these kinds of arrest results might be encouraging to some OC residents, it is just as too little as it is too late. The time for crack down on illegal immigration was 5 years ago and even then, it should never have started with arrests in California.

It should have started first with tightly securing the border with Mexico (i.e. 20 foot fence along the border, surveillance equipment, enforcement personnel and equipment).

This article states that 591 individuals were detained under suspicion of immigration violations in February. During that same month, well over 5,000 illegal Mexican immigrants crossed the California and Arizona borders.

Whether you support a tougher line or softer line on illegal immigration, it doesn't matter. One must concede the truth - that these arrests do not constitute an effective use of precious OC county law enforcement resources when U.S. borders remain essentially wide open the most common illegal immigrant - the Mexican migrant worker.
Here's an novel idea: Patch the hole in the hull first. Then commence bailing out the water.

The Achilles' heel of the United States of America is not a lack of resolve to correct what is wrong and make it right, but a failure to utilize critical thinking skills and common sense.

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