Saturday, May 2, 2009

California Association of Realtors Use Outlaw Josey Wales to Sell Homes in 2009

The California Association of Realtors have chosen to dump their advertising dollars this summer into some fairly lame radio spots.

The first one is so dumb, I hesitate to post the link here. Man, it royally sucks. Not that one should expect much creativity from the NAR/CAR dudes.


Listen, we radio listeners have had quite enough of ads portraying dumbass married couples making stupid financial choices in your "appeal to action" ads, thank you very much all the same. We don't need to be reminded how emotionally self-centered, irresponsible and carefree people have been when working "side by side" with Realtors on the biggest purchase of their lives! Look, Century21 sort of ruined this theme for everyone with the Suzanne Researched This ad. I mean who doesn't remember the classic bloodsucking Realtor line: "This listing is special John! You guys can do this!!"

The second radio ad from the CAR has a very different theme. It's called "Piece of Me". A little bit of Dirty Harry mixed in with some outlaw Josey Wales and some Pale Rider.

The final message of tha ad is: "The California Association of Realtors. For your piece of California. For your piece of mind".

Christ. How appropriate is it that Realtors can suggest that any of their actions are responsible for home consumer "piece of mind"? I'm trying to figure out for the life of me what they could possibly mean by that. Where were California's Realtors when the notices of default started flowing in from the subprime crisis? Did they hold "Piece of Mind" seminars to former clients? Did they give back a piece of their ill-earned commissions on such garbage sales?

And just where are the California Realtors going to be when the tidal-freaking-wave of Alt-A and Option ARM loans first come up for recast this summer?

Honestly, how does using a 6%er help me or my piece of mind in buying a house in the third most fucked up real estate market in the country, southern California?

Oh, it's going to be a fantastic summer in California real estate, you can tell.

Man if I'm Realtor, I'd sure keep some extra funds available for the dry cleaners:


CoachingByPeter said...

Buying real estate is a complicated process that you do not want to mess up with. It is going to be the most expensive purchase you make in your life. Therefore, make sure you are well educated and understand the entire process.

Crystal L. Cox said...

This is a GREAT Post, so Candid, Truthful and believe me this post is the TRUTH, NAR markets to your Emotional Side, it makes no sense to use a Realtor in your Real Estate Transaction and in fact it can cause more harm then good and leave you with NO recourse.

The Real Estate Process is NOT complicated, what is complicated is telling who is lying to you and what motivates them to do so.

NAR wants real estate consumers to believe they don't have a brain and that they need a Realtor to fill out a form for them, keep in mind that the REALTOR forms are to PROTECT the Realtor and not to protect the Real Estate Consumer.

Being well educated before you by with the Traditional real estate education methods will get you into trouble. Realtor Lie, NAR backs them up on it and E and O insurance makes darn sure they get away with it.

Jon Giurini said...

many real estates "agents" are con-artists, they lie they will scam you to get their 5-6%. whatever it takes to close the deal. three easy courses and a joke state exam and you too can call yourself the real estate "expert." in CA. They will try to woe as many people as they can to drum up any sale; where were they back in 2004, 2005, 2006 for those peace of mind seminars---many of those buyers are unemployed, underwater mortgages, Alt-A, etc.....those re agents should give back their ill-earned commissions on such bloated, inflated, home values; it was ALL artificial, lies upon lies, and the RE agents sucked up the commisions like a hoover, terry nickell diming everything. let them all enjoy their sad fates, unemployed, depressed, with few if any clients, maybe their next commericial can be: CA RE agents and Saint John's Wort---when depression in the CA market and our agents hits home. Free samples in anyone who will look at a house valued at 450K when in 2005 it was 750K.

Anonymous said...

many "doctors" who have little business savvy bought those ugly tract homes in san diego for almost 1mill. they obviously did not qualify, but those corrupt loan companies gave money out like water for those overpriced crap houses (they are on top of each other, no privacy--you can smell someone else's doodie from your kitchen)--ugly, tract homes in san diego. Mr. doctor bought them for 995K now they're lucky to get 600-745K, special offer. Ripoffios. underwater, no money down, arm pick a payment HELL.