Monday, February 19, 2007

US Dollar Going Downtown

Thank you America for placing zero importance on personal savings, and instead focusing all of your efforts on consuming shit and making yourself look more wealthy than you really are.

Nice going.

Not too sure whether our evil ways are sustainable ones.

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Justin said...

No offense, but saving is a lose-lose proposition.
Put money in a passbook or CD, you get hit as real world inflation, not fabricated inflation, eats away at the interest earned (what there is of it.)
Secondly, what the inflation goblin misses the Fed and the states tax to death.

End result, savers end up suckers while the buyers of stocks and valuable objects (coins, artwork, high end jewelry, etc.) at least end up even with inflation.

If the investors play their cards right, the tax bite is minimized or non-existant.
Sadly, when saving is deemed foolish and spending wisdom, expect hard times ahead for the nation's economic growth.