Friday, February 16, 2007

"No Accountability" - $10 Billion In Taxpayer Money Lost in Iraq

When the cat is away, the mice will play.

And so it is with the money of hard-working American taxpayers currently NOT being utilized to secure democratic freedom for "peace loving" Iraqis in the Middle East.

I don't know how anyone can remain an adherent to George W. Bush's administration after reports like these, but I'm not wasting anymore time thinking about it.

Because I'm just not getting anywhere.

What happens when $10 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money disappears in Iraq within a sea of private company overcharges and complete lack of fiscal oversight?

This may be news to my Republican friends, but George W. Bush is not a fiscal conservative. And he wouldn't know fiscal conservatism if it struck him in the mouth.

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