Thursday, November 30, 2006

Please California, Keep Your Eyes on Fucking Road

As a citizen of California, I'm pleased with the new law SB1613 banning cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, this new legislation signed into law in September 2006 by our state Governor Aww-nold Schwarzeneggar will not go into enforceable effect until January 1, 2008.

For this reason, we can all expect another 13 months of needless roadway deaths, delays and general traffic mayhem in Orange County, California due to the insistence and "positive me-enforcement" of Orange County's finest and most selfish of citizens and their failure to keep their fucking eyes on the road.

Let's all grasp the truth of the following equation:

Cell phones + Driving = Death and Destruction

Hey dumbass, put down your goddamned cell-phone and drive!

The Human Factors and Ergonomical Society claims that 2,600 deaths and over 330,000 injuries are caused by cell phone using drivers in the U.S. each year.

Why is it that the upright-walking citizens of the United States seem to be the last to "get it"?

Most nations around the world have wisely banned the use of cell phones while driving all together.

In the progressive, cutting-edge, forward-thinking, United States of America, however, only 4 out of 50 states have legal bans on cell phones, and several states have tried to introduce legislation only to fail to get the votes:

California (starting in January 1, 2008)
New York
New Jersey
District of Columbia

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