Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lake Forest: In God We Trust. But which God? And why?

This was a dumb move in my opinion. In times like these do we really need more credulity? How about genuine inquiry, intellectual honesty, common sense, the search for the truth in all things and the application of reason?

I think this motto was a dumb choice because:

a. it's unoriginal as hell. That motto is on our currency already for the love of Venus, and
b. it makes no sense.

In God We Trust

In what God, precisely, are we supposedly placing our trust?

Jesus Christ?

And what does such trust in one or numerous dead deities have to do with our community?

I would have preferred "In reason and common sense we trust". At least then everyone on the planet, let alone the local community, would know what the hell the city government of Lake Forest is taking about.

The United States of a America is a federal constitutional republic. It was not founded on Christian principles or by the words of the Bible (the inerrant word and inspiration of the Abrahamic god Yahweh). I'm sure that's the deity this young Eagle Scout, his mentors and our mayor-without-a- backbone are referring to. And they were presumably all born in the United States and brought up to believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), yadda, yadda, yadda.

But had they been born in Iran during the time of the Persians they would have believed in Zoroaster. If they would have been born in the time of the Vikings they would have believec in Loki, Wotan and Thor.

Personally I'm an atheist. I used to be a Christian. A Lutheran to be exact. But I'm not anymore. I don't believe there is sufficient evidence for the Christian God. And even if there were sufficient evidence, the instructions written in the Bible around which we are asked to organize our lives does not lead me or any reasonable person to believe that Yahweh and Jesus Christ are worthy of worship. No. Too much blood, slavery, war, ignorance and bronze age megalomaniacal thinking for my taste. Before you as a reader get pissed off at my opinion here, I'm open to being convinced. Most Christians know exactly what it's like to be an atheist though, because I bet that none of them lose one second of sleep over the fact that millions of contemporary Muslims today believe Christians and heathens like me to be in the express lane to everlasting damnation.

All I'm saying is that not everyone who lives in Lake Forest organizes their life around some celestial CCTV camera in the sky. It seems to me that a better, more original and more inclusive motto than "In God We Trust" could have been chosen that wouldn't trample on the beliefs or lack of beliefs of local members and taxpayers of this beautiful community.

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