Friday, August 10, 2007

Thinking about buying a home? Watch for Rotten Neighbors

Just one more key question and risk to consider when wading in the night time waters of OC real estate.

Sure, there are the basic questions to consider like: How can I afford to buy a home?, how will I manage to finance it?, can I trust real estate agents and mortgage brokers to toe the line and look after my interests?

Then there's the age-old question that never seems to get answered until it's too late:

Jeeze, what if I move in next to a rotten neighbor?

Well help is soon on the way. is a new website that just might help prospective homebuyers in certain communities in the United States avoid the critical error of residing next to the loud, late night jacuzzi parties, all-night Mexican party music, aspiring rap-artist, barking dogs and vehicle owners who ignore parking etiquette and other homeowner association faux pa's.

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