Sunday, March 18, 2007

4th Largest Home Builder: "Recovery Unlikely in 2007"

CFO Roger Cregg of Pulte Homes, Inc., the fourth largest homebuilder in the United States of America, reports to Bloomberg that "we're not projecting anything to bounce off the bottom at this point."

But, wait just a damn minute...

On March 13th didn't NAR head David Lereah just state that a "housing market recovery" was in store in 2007?? (see March 13th post).


OK, now I get it!

This is the part in the film where mainstream American media bashes the real estate industrial complex, and internet housing bloggers utilize these reports to justify their caustic attacks on the innocent, just-doing-our-job home realtors and mortgage lenders of America.

Tip of the hat to Mr. Cregg and Pulte Homes, Inc. for telling the story like it is - the Pulte way: "The way it should be".

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