Friday, October 13, 2006

OC Real Estate Agents Getting Creative

- Free Barbecue at Open Houses

- Cute High School Cheerleaders Delivering Home Flyers

- Mexican Mariachi Bands

- Free Moving Trucks

- Paying Closing Costs and Homeowner Association Dues

- $5000 Cash To Find Home Buyers

These are some of the new creative incentives being offered by Orange County California realtors to the public in order to drum up interest in the over-priced, $500,000 plus stucco shitbox homes in the area.

Orange County real estate agents, who have grown rich and fat over the last 5 to 10 years by overhyping the financial infallibility of the local housing market and earning 6% commissions on the sale of six figure homes, are finally discovering what it feels like to actually put in a full days work, even if they remain corrupt and overtly duplicitous while doing so.

Let's hope for their sake that home sales pick up.

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