Wednesday, September 20, 2006

State of California: "We're Fed Up with You Pollution-Causing Automakers!"

Let the sue-age begin!
Since no one up to this point has had the balls to say or doing anything about it, the big, bad state of California is suing the ass off of Ford Motor Corp., General Motors Corp. and Toyota because it claims that the emissions of the vehicles manufactured and sold are costing millions of dollars to the state.
Before anyone scoffs at this news, ask yourself whether you have been to Southern California recently? Next time you come, look around you and then toward the horizon at sunset.

Yeah, see that brownish-blue shit in the horizon!? We're all breathing in that crap!

I'm not sure the rage is appropriately placed with the auto manufacturers, since they are all simply following the emission standards of the Federal Government.

So here's an idea for the California state attorney general:

1.) Since smog is such a costly problem for the state, re-set statewide California emissions standards to a stricter level. Force manufacturers to comply.

2.) Let the most fuel efficient, least polluting manufacturer win the market.

3.) Form a coalition of other states that would agree to the same standards and have them follow suit.

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